Surrogate Mother Cost

surrogate mother cost

For millions of couples who have struggled to conceive, surrogacy became the most efficient and modern solution to the problem of having a baby. Surrogacy benefits both the prospective parents and the surrogate mother. Unfortunately, the surrogate mother cost is the number one reason why couples ultimately decide against this solution. The cost of surrogacy in California and other regions is simply too high for the average parents.

That is why more and more couples who dream of becoming parents opt for other countries. The number one option for sourcing a cheap surrogate mother is Ukraine. There are many reasons why Ukraine is now the preferred destination for thousands of couples struggling with fertility. 

In addition to the very sensible surrogate mother price in Ukrainian clinics, this country is also very loyal to the parents-to-be. It means that even if your surrogate mother is thinking about keeping the baby after birth, she is under a legal obligation to give the baby to the parents. With low risks and affordable surrogate baby cost, and given the often high surrogate mother cost in USA, it’s not surprising that Ukraine has become a popular place for couples to seek surrogate services.

Obviously, the sensible cost of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is not the only deciding factor in your selection process. However, as you are well aware, having a surrogate carry your baby is only the first big expense. Raising the baby is not a cheap endeavor. And if you have an opportunity to save some money on the surrogate cost without sacrificing the quality of the service, it would be an oversight not to do it. Here is everything you need to know about the current surrogate mother cost.

Surrogacy Cost Worldwide

Here is the average cost of a surrogate mother in the US and the most popular overseas surrogate service destinations.

Type of Fees

The surrogate mother cost can differ from location to location, but you also need to take the specifics of the procedure into account. For example, the legal costs, the cost of IVF, and the potential prenatal and postnatal care can vary greatly depending on the situation. So how much does a surrogate cost? On average, you should expect the following rates if you decide to opt for a surrogate mother for hire.

Agency fees

Unless you are willing to accept the risks of arranging a surrogacy pregnancy by yourself, you will need a reliable agent to guide you through the process. The surrogacy agent doesn’t work for free, but the good news is that you typically only need to make the payment to the agency once. Your cooperation with the agent will begin the moment you decide you want to become a surrogate parent. The agent will then design your roadmap and take you through the whole procedure. A good surrogacy agent will stay closely in touch with you until you return home with your newborn baby. This service will cost you around $5,000.

Surrogate search

As a seeker of surrogate services, you probably have a lot of requirements for the future surrogate carrier of your child. It is then the agency’s job to take your requirements into account and put extra effort into securing the best surrogate mother for your needs. In some situations, the agency may already have a surrogate candidate for you, but, in most cases, finding the right surrogacy candidate is a longer process.

First of all, the process of surrogate search will include advertising fees. The agency will use every available channel, including online ads and networking, to find as many suitable potential candidates as possible. At this point, you need to ask whether they will charge you a flat advertising fee or ask you to pay for every new ad they post.

Once the agency has a few potential candidates for your surrogacy, they will begin the matching process to find out whether your vision of the ideal surrogate corresponds with the candidate’s traits. Most agencies don’t charge a separate amount for this service. All in all, the surrogate search step of the process will cost you up to $10,000.

Legal services

For most participants, having a baby through surrogacy is a sensitive subject that should be accompanied by a lawyer at every stage of the process. From signing the initial contract and securing the prospective parents’ parental rights to terminating the parental rights of the surrogate mother, a lawyer will be present at many stages of the surrogacy process and cover your interests in case any conflicts should arise. On average, the legal costs included in a normal surrogacy process will take about $1,000 from your budget.

Surrogate compensation

Typically, the payment for the surrogate mother’s services is the most expensive part of the surrogacy process, which is completely understandable. We don’t need to delve into the specifics of the process for the surrogate for you to understand that a fair compensation is the only way to express your gratitude to a woman who helps you become parents.

Depending on the destination you choose for your surrogacy, you will need to pay either in small sums of money every month or in a large initial payment that will then be released to the surrogate month by month. This payment usually includes not only the compensation for the surrogate’s time and effort, but also the various expenses associated with the pregnancy.

These expenses can cover any aspect of the surrogate’s pregnancy, including lost wages due to being pregnant, the travel costs, food and prenatal vitamin expenses, and even the cost of buying maternity clothes. 

Of course, if your surrogate is carrying multiples, the fees will rise accordingly. In some situations, the surrogate will require invasive procedures, which will also increase her overall compensation. In most cases, the surrogate compensation will cost you around $16,000.

Medical fees

Various medical fees are another big part of the surrogacy payment. This section of your expenses includes the following aspects:

  • Initial fees to the clinic, which serve as a proof of your serious intentions and that you will not abandon the surrogacy process after starting it.
  • IVF treatment or donors, which may be required for a successful pregnancy. Depending on your fertility situation, you may need anything from egg or sperm donors to IVF treatment. 
  • Once the embryo has been successfully transferred, the different medical expenses regarding pregnancy are also mandatory for you to pay. This includes ultrasounds, pregnancy exams and test, and possible hospital treatments.

If you combine all medical fees, they will round up to roughly $13,000, which is a considerable amount of money that is still lower than the surrogate compensation and reimbursement.


Perhaps, the most thrilling point in a surrogacy process comes with the delivery of the baby. While a typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, surrogate pregnancies are often shorter than that. The baby can be delivered prematurely, which is why you will need to pay the delivery fees long before the estimated delivery date — usually around the 30th week of the pregnancy.

The overall cost of the delivery will largely depend on the specifics of the pregnancy and the potential complications. Delivering the baby naturally is the cheapest option. Giving birth to multiples obviously increases the costs. A c-section is the most expensive option due to the risky nature of the procedure. You will need to pay up to $6,000 for the delivery phase of the surrogacy process.

In some cases, the baby will require additional care once it is born. In fact, more than 15% of the babies born via surrogate pregnancies stay in the NICU for at least a few days. You should always view these expenses as possible, so that the potential postnatal care fees don’t catch you by surprise.

Returning home

Since the baby will be born overseas, you will need to establish the baby’s citizenship prior to returning home. In most cases, your agency will handle this process, but there is a big chance you will require additional legal services. In some cases, couples need to do a DNA test to speed up the process of going back home with the baby. If these fees are not included in your initial payment to the agency, you will need to pay up to $1,000 for the whole process.


If you have decided to welcome a baby through surrogacy, you have probably weighed every pro and con. And while having a baby is not something you should save money on, hiring a low cost surrogate mother to carry your child is a financially sound decision that will help you establish a better life for you and the family.

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