Best Surrogacy Agencies

best surrogacy agency

If you have come to a moment in your life where you need to find the best surrogacy agency that will help you finally experience the joy of parenting, it means there has been a long process of deliberation.

A trustworthy surrogate mother agency can take you through the whole journey, from choosing the woman to carry your baby to taking care of any legal issues after the baby is born. But which surrogacy agency can help you achieve your dream of parenthood? Here is our ultimate guide to the best surrogate agencies.

Best Ukrainian Surrogacy Agencies

Ukrainian surrogate companies are rightfully considered to be among the popular ones around the world. With affordable rates, top-notch service, and a legal system that favors intended parents, Ukrainian surrogacy clinics have helped thousands of couples struggling with fertility.


The history of Ilaya dates back to 2012, when it was founded not just as a surrogacy company, but as a multifunctional clinic with a variety of treatments and services. Since then, Ilaya has been featured in numerous guides to surrogacy in Europe.

The Ukrainian office of Ilaya is located in Kiev, which is very convenient for couples traveling from abroad. The first consultation is provided for free, and if you decide to follow up with the procedure, you will only need two trips to Kiev, one to sign the Consultancy Agreement to kickstart the process, and another one to be there for the birth of your baby.


Intersono is a Ukrainian IVF clinic that also provides surrogacy services. Intersono boasts high success rates for all of its programs and a variety of fertility and surrogacy services, where every couple can find what they are looking for.

The Intersono clinics are located in Lviv and Uzhgorod, which both belong to Western Europe and are very convenient for both plane and car travel. This clinic has been providing surrogate services since 2005 and has hundreds of successful cases. 

To make the process of surrogacy conclude smoothly, Intersono offers a Go Home Package, where an English-speaking lawyer will take care of every legal aspect, and a VIP support service, which helps you get an even more satisfying experience.


Adonis Family is one of the youngest surrogate agencies in Ukraine — the clinic has been working since 2014 and provides a range of health and fertility services to both Ukrainian and international couples. Adonis also has a special surrogacy program that has already helped many couples dreaming of their own baby.

The Adonis clinic is located in the central part of Kiev and is perfectly easy to get to from both airports and other spots. Adonis has its own database of surrogate mothers who underwent the necessary screenings and have been approved for surrogacy. There are several surrogacy services provided by Adonis, so you’ll always find the right one for your needs and budget.

Best US Surrogacy Agency

Growing Generations

Growing Generations is a US-based surrogacy and egg donating clinic that has three offices around the country in Los Angeles, New York, and Wheeling, West Virginia. Growing Generations prides itself on the high quality of their surrogates — only 1% of the 20,000 women that apply every year are accepted into the program.

The Growing Generations clinic offers a variety of services and benefits to its customers. One of the most noteworthy ones is the Match Guarantee Program, which guarantees you will be matched for free with another surrogate if the surrogate you selected in the first place does not pass the necessary screenings.

Best Indian Surrogacy Agency

Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre

Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre is one of the leading fertility institutions in India. It was founded in 2010, and since then, Dynamic Fertility has helped over 11,000 couples realize their dream of becoming parents. The Dynamic Fertility surrogacy clinic is located in New Delhi.

The clinic boasts a high success rate for various fertility procedures, including surrogacy with the intended mother’s or surrogate’s eggs. Dynamic Fertility is well-equipped, has a highly skilled and experienced team of doctors, and offers flexible, budget-friendly surrogacy costs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

Your choice of a surrogate agency will determine the success of the whole operation. That is why it is so important to do plenty of research and thinking before settling on one clinic. Here are the things you should consider when choosing from the surrogate mother agencies working today.

Screening process of intended parents and surrogates

To make sure the surrogacy experience is a positive one for all parties involved, both the surrogate mother and the intended parents should undergo a screening procedure. When screening the intended parents, the agency will determine whether the couple is emotionally and financially ready to have a baby through surrogacy and they are safe for the surrogate to work with.

The surrogate will undergo a more serious screening procedure. The agency will look into the surrogate’s medical records, do a background check, request her birth records from previous pregnancies, and even visit the surrogate in her own home to talk about the reasons why she decided to go into surrogacy and her expectations from the process.

To some intended parents and surrogate mothers, screening may seem invasive, but it is done with one clear purpose: to make the surrogacy experience safe, efficient, and positive for everyone, including the baby.

Agency history and reputation

When considering the many surrogate mother agencies offering their services to intended parents, you should always ensure that the agency you ultimately go for is a reputable one and is known in the industry for its healthy practices.

Your research of the agency’s placement in the surrogacy industry should start with its website. It should look absolutely legitimate and provide as much information about the company as possible, including its history, accomplishments, and a list of services. Many surrogacy agencies also have client testimonials on their websites, which also add to the clinic’s reliability.

Your next step is to look for surrogacy agency reviews. They can be found in numerous sources, including review websites and personal blogs. If there are any critical opinions about the agency, always make sure they are written from personal experience.

Finally, you should simply Google the name of the surrogate agency of your choice. If the clinic has been involved in any legal trouble or has any other negative moments in its history, they will always come up in the search results.

Legal assistance

The best surrogacy agencies have an in-house lawyer who will guide you through every stage of the surrogacy process and assist you with every legal aspect of the procedure. However, having an in-house lawyer is not the most important requirement, as top surrogacy agencies will always refer you to trusted lawyers who don’t work for the clinic but have extensive experience in accompanying the couples on their journey to surrogate motherhood. Remember to always ask whether the legal assistance fees are included in the overall surrogacy cost or need to be paid separately even when you are working with an in-house lawyer.

Surrogacy cost

It’s no secret that having a baby through a surrogate mother is not a cheap experience. However, the cost of surrogacy varies from country to country and even from clinic to clinic. Before embarking on your surrogacy journey, you should always sit down with your partner to talk about the budget. Be realistic when choosing your budget, as raising your new baby will be an even costlier endeavor.

A telling sign of untrustworthy surrogate clinics is when they are intentionally vague about their fees. It’s understandable that the cost of surrogacy may change depending on different factors, but the clinic should still be able to give you an estimate of how much you will end up paying.

When talking about the cost of surrogacy, remember to always ask what is included in the fees and which services need to be paid separately. Some clinics also offer financing plans for couples who are not able to pay the surrogacy cost at once, which may be a better option for your financial situation.

Database of surrogate mothers

One of the most important aspects of choosing a surrogacy agency is how big and thoroughly selected their database of surrogate mothers is. On average, surrogacy agencies accept approximately 5% of women who apply for the program, but some agencies report a 1% acceptance rate, which guarantees you a better selection of women to have your baby.


If you are working with an overseas surrogacy clinic, you will only be required to travel to the country where the clinic is located several times: to sign the agreement and undergo the screening, and then to be there for the delivery of your baby.

During the remaining time, the clinic should be perfectly transparent about the progress of the surrogacy. You should be informed of any notable changes in the process even if they don’t need your direct involvement. In other words, you should be regularly updated without constantly asking the clinic for the latest news.

Final word

The decision to have a baby through surrogate motherhood is always life-changing, and the surrogacy agency you choose for your journey should be your reliable partner in the process. We hope that with our guide, your surrogacy experience will be as smooth and comfortable as you have always imagined.

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