Reasons to Have a Baby

Reasons to Have a Baby

A baby is a big responsibility and changes your life forever. Therefore, you must consider many things if you’re planning to have one or more kids. The physical health and well-being of an expecting woman are paramount, but there are also emotional and financial considerations to bear. If you feel confused, here’s our list of reasons to have a baby.

Why You Should Have a Baby

1. Creating a Family Life

The family is the fundamental social institution from which all others develop. Every civilization is built on the foundation of its families. Family values are indicative of societal norms. When there isn’t enough love or problems in the family, the troubles spread to the larger community. The family you were born into is the family you have. It’s time you started your superior one. Hence, it is a chance for you to create a better reality, individuals, and life.

Those raised in a happy, secure household with their parents’ support put a premium on having a happy, secure family of their own with their significant others.

2. Fulfilling the Innate Longing for Motherhood

Bringing your own children into the world is the most satisfying thing someone can do. Making a human being out of love is an even greater feat. It’s an amazing experience made even better when shaping your newborn into somebody you and your partner can be proud to call a friend. That shaping of a small person may offer more pleasure and contentment than anything else, especially when your career is useless, your life is routine, and your relationship is stagnant.

Certain occupations are predestined for certain people, and for others, raising a family is that calling. These individuals think they have what it takes to be effective parents and that they can help their kids grow up to be successful, healthy, and happy.

Having a child might limit your ability to do things like go out with friends, sleep in late, or play hooky from work, but the reward of being a part of someone’s life is far greater than the sacrifices involved in getting there. What could be more rewarding than seeing a new tiny person grow and develop into someone who could one day do something to change the world we all live in? And it is the noblest and most generous motive to have a family. 

Dad & Son

3. A Baby Will Brighten Your Life

Researchers probed further after a few studies sounded financial warning bells. Many studies, including one that surveyed one million Europeans, have verified what most people know to be true: having children reduces stress and increases happiness.

4. Adoption Is Expensive

Some people are reluctant to have families because they have heard horror stories about the rising costs of healthcare and higher education.

It’s not the kids. This is just the price of having children. After learning that it may cost up to $200,000 to raise a kid for the first 18 years of their life, many argue that they cannot afford to have children. 

Moreover, adopting a child costs more and might cost you up to $40,000 with no guarantee of having the child. Therefore, while it’s a very valid and wonderful option, adopting might cost you more than you are willing to spend. So if you want to experience the joys of parenthood, think of having a baby yourself.

5. Multiply Your Happiness 

Some individuals find it repulsive to be around infants and toddlers, while others find bringing kids into the world and seeing them grow into adults quite appealing. Plato said that having children will provide you with eternal life. Pope Francis echoed this sentiment, saying that life rejuvenates and gets vitality as it multiplies: it is enriched, not impoverished.

What would you choose if you had to choose between a hospital or a nursing home?

About 20% of those who succumbed to the pandemic did so in nursing homes; if you’re considering going it alone to save money, consider how much more you’ll have to pay for medical care and nursing towards the end of your life if you don’t have any relatives nearby.

6. Children Can Provide a Sense of Direction and Accomplishment

The most important things we do, the deeds that give our lives meaning, are the gifts we offer to others, much as research shows you’re more likely to go to the gym if you know your buddy is expecting you to attend. Being a parent alters your perspective on life and gives your existence more significance, but having a kid is a profound experience that may change your perspective in profound ways.

Research conducted by the St. Louis Federal Reserve discovered a positive association between big family size and economic performance. Having children provides a strong motivation to work and accomplish more in life. Children are a source of optimism and inspiration; they remind us that we are all part of a greater whole.

We can’t tell you how often we’ve seen a person get it together and completely reinvent themselves after becoming a parent. Culture is the “cult of what we worship,” which implies that whatever is most important to a people becomes their priority. We have seen some new moms place their children at the center of their lives, despite the risks that this brings. But the responsibility of having a kid makes you reevaluate your goals and your life’s mission, making you a better person.


7. Your Baby May Become a Hero

Perhaps you’re afraid to have a little person, but what if they, or their kid, are the ones to solve the world’s problems?

Everyone who has made a difference, including you, started as a baby. What if the baby you make today changes the world for someone else, or what if the baby you make after that solves the world’s biggest problems?

8. Keeping the Family Traditions Alive

Many would-be parents hope to continue the legacy of their own parents by having their children share their last names with them. This is, of course, most commonly the case with the father’s family name, but the point stands: many people take pride in the idea that their child will carry on the family’s long-standing tradition. Many individuals experience an intense urge to have and raise children because of the biological imperative and drive to reproduce and pass on one’s genes to the next generation.

9. To Experience Unconditional Love 

Some people are driven by a desire to experience and share the intense feelings that come from the special link that forms between parents and their children. 

In the same way that you can’t choose your children, they can’t pick you as their parents but will always know that you are there for them. It is always nice to belong and identify with someone who will not quickly get rid of you.

10. To Give Form and Shape to a Life

Many want the opportunity to bring a kid they can love and nurture themselves into the world. This prospect may be especially tempting to couples, who will have the chance to shape their offspring’s personality and instill their own core beliefs in their current life.

Little Baby

11. To Correct Their Parents’ Mistakes

Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to grow up in a loving, supportive family. Many individuals who have decent parents learned from their errors as children and vowed to do better when they became parents themselves.

The assumption that couples will eventually settle down and have families is deeply rooted in our culture and has been since the beginning of time. People often feel they must conform to the norm and have children to validate their identity and that of their parents.

12. Embark on an Uncharted Course

If your relationship is strong, and you know that the two of you can tackle parenting challenges together – from nursing to having the sex talk, then having a baby is the next step.

You’re probably tired of being everyone’s favorite aunt or uncle and ready to start raising children. You know your heart will ache a little every time your nieces and nephews leave your house and get in their parents’ vehicle.

You and your partner have a great relationship, but you’re both over 35 and worried about issues during pregnancy or delivery if you wait longer to have a family. If you’re ready and confident in your partner’s love for you, now is the time to start trying to conceive.

13. Reaching a Point of Independence

The pandemic made us more conscious of how empty loneliness can actually be. People who lived with their families had a better time navigating the isolation. 

Moreover, having the responsibility of a child will cause you to think like an adult. When your baby needs food, you won’t go whining to your best friends but have to step into action. Most people, even teenage parents, start thinking long term once the baby appears – where they’ll live, what job to take and how best to plan their money. Besides, they are also more decisive since someone else is affected by their choices. So, having a baby zaps you into full adult mode and independence. 

14. Embrace One’s Fate

You may not have wanted to become pregnant, but now that you are, you and your new husband are overjoyed at the prospect of parenthood for any of the above reasons.

In other words, you are responsible for that tiny person.

Your tiny bundle of joy is developing language skills, getting into mischief after a bath, and sneaking into bed with you in the morning because they look exactly like you. They are your creation. You’re responsible for making living things possible. We have no words to adequately express how fantastic it is.

Mother & Son

15. They Will Be Your Best Friend

It’s an honor to play a pivotal role in someone else’s life. There will be instances when you just don’t get it. They will still adore you even if you rant, weep, and make plenty of blunders. In other words, they’ll always be looking for your company. You are their mother. No one can ever fill the place in their hearts that you hold. When they are hurt, they will cry for you.

16. They Will Make You Stretch Your Capabilities

Need to prepare supper, change a diaper, pack for Sunday, clean the vehicle, and locate a misplaced teddy? Easy. You never believed you could go through a day without getting eight hours of sleep? Simply wait. 

It’s amazing what your mind and body can do when you have kids. Before babies, you thought you wanted more hours in the day to get everything done. After having a baby, you’ll know how best to divide your time and attention. It will change your priorities, and once those parental-instincts kick in, you will do things you never thought you would, like argue with police officers.

17. You Will Experience the Miracle of Birth

Without having experienced giving birth, you might be missing out. Regardless of the method you choose for giving birth, the emotional and physical hurdles you will encounter are immense. Looking back on the experience and saying, “I did that,” will give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment. All of a sudden, your heart is bursting with love.

It’s impossible to describe this love unless you experience it yourself. Once you do, all the jokes about poop, crying, and lack of rest will be funny because you’ll know that those tidbits pale in comparison to your love for your child.

17. A Chance to Correct Your Mistakes

Naturally, as we age, we encounter constraints that we would not have encountered when we were younger. Our physical bodies decline with age, our jobs’ demands, our families’ budgets, our commutes, our housing and transportation costs, and our emotional resources constrain our lives. There’s a certain “I’m not sure I’m up for that” sentiment that creeps into our lexicon once we turn 30. For this reason, we are less likely to take the kinds of chances we did when we were younger.

But after we have children, we might choose a different path, one in which we don’t necessarily take risks for ourselves but rather urge our offspring to do so. If we have a few offspring who are clones of ourselves, we may encourage them to take risks and experience the joys in life that we wish we could but can’t because of our insecurities, lack of self-assurance, and unwillingness to simply take the jump. We make do by experiencing life vicariously through their eyes. It may be nearly as wonderful as doing it ourselves. This is true given the intimacy we naturally relate to our children. That makes perfect sense; we have no problem accepting that as a valid justification.

Family With Baby

More Reasons to Have a Baby

  • The term Mommy or Daddy just has the most endearing ring to it.
  • Kids may say “I love you” a thousand times a day.
  • Playing with a kid is far more physically and emotionally beneficial than going to a club.
  • You can have great baby photos to post online.
  • They strengthen the marriage by giving shared reasons for couples to fight for.
  • Having a kid can boost your confidence immensely.
  • Having a kid means having hope for the future
  • You will never be alone, even in old age
  • You will be eligible to celebrate Mother’s day and Father’s day
  • Babies are a blessing from God
  • Because a child’s eyes are so pure and innocent.
  • The reason is that the sound of a baby’s laughter is more endearing than any classical music.
  • Simply said, pregnant women radiate beauty from the inside out, and this effect only becomes stronger as time passes.
  • You may go back to reading fairy tales
  • Seeing a baby giggle triggers the production of endorphins in the mother.
  • Newborns have the most pleasant aroma.
  • You have an excuse to tap into your childhood pleasures, like building sand castles and coloring outside the line
  • You can teach a kid to think for themselves
  • You can have someone else to spoil, teaching you compassion and generosity
  • Having a child renews your faith in humanity and strengthens your will to face the world.

Pregnancy Preparation from a Medical Perspective

  • A woman may better prepare her body for pregnancy by eating healthily and exercising regularly.
  • Maintain a healthy balance.
  • Please give up smoking if you are currently a smoker.
  • Vitamin D, Folate, and Calcium supplements should be taken.
  • Factor in any underlying medical issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid illness, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, and heart disease. Discuss your intentions for pregnancy with your doctor since you may need to avoid certain drugs during pregnancy. It is crucial to take care of these issues and ensure they don’t resurface when pregnant.
  • If you’re expecting, talk to your doctor or an obstetrician about your prescription options. Taking as few drugs as possible to manage a chronic condition is preferable before becoming pregnant.
  • Congenital malformations and genetic illnesses, such as cardiac, neurological, renal, musculoskeletal, and blood issues, should be discussed with your healthcare professional.
Mom With Baby

Children’s Financial Needs in the Context of Family Planning

  • Housing, clothes, food, medical care, transportation, daycare, schooling, and other miscellaneous costs all rank among the highest of a family’s priorities when planning for a new kid.
  • To get a good idea of how much money you’ll need to raise a kid from birth to age 17, check out the US Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.
  • Remember that the total yearly increases as the kid grows older.
  • Costs such as prenatal care, college tuition, life insurance policies with a beneficiary who is the kid, money spent by the government, and money contributed by relatives who are not the child’s parents are not included in the USDA CAPP’s total cost calculation.


Some may say that a single individual can’t make a meaningful difference in the world, but that’s not true. There have always been heroes in history who dared to go their way and make their mark on the world. Becoming a parent allows you to give life to such a hero and leave your mark on the world.

For the most part, it pays well to wait until the conditions are optimal before making a move. Never underestimate the importance of giving your whole attention to your parenting duties. 

However, everyone is aware of their limitations and must be comfortable making a choice that impacts more than oneself. There are at least three people whose lives will be changed by this choice. However, this choice may also lead to many positive outcomes that improve quality of life. Do not put off the start of your joyful trip till some unknowable moment in the future; start right now.

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